Algorfa School Books Appeal Icon Wall Stickers supports the welfare of children all over the world, from charities to causes and sending out free packages to those in need, we take part in a lot of home improvement TV shows and movements because even though we are only a small company, we have the ability to make something from scratch and gift it to others. It's not much, but sometimes a small gesture can make all the difference to someone who has nothing. The school books appeal in Algorfa is a simple idea to raise money for books for schools in Spain and it wont cost you a penny. In Spain, children’s parents have to pay for a set of school books every September for their child’s education. Depending on what subjects are taken, the cost of books could run to over 200 euros per year, per child. This is an enormous amount of money for families to find, especially those with 2, 3 or more children in school and with economic conditions so low. Destitution is rife in Algorfa due to the recession. So to combat this, our company has joined the Amazon Affiliate Scheme. Most of us these days buy online at amazon