Custom Stickers At Icon Wall Stickers


Icon Wall Stickers makes handmade custom wall stickers for everyone! All you have to do is get in contact by email with your artwork and specifications such as colour and size. The more information you can give us the better and faster we can get it designed and delivered to your door!


Once a price is confirmed and the order is paid we will send a proof of your artwork, ensuring you are happy with the design. If you require any alterations just let us know and we can easily get them done swiftly and fuss free. Once you are all happy with your design, give us the go ahead and we will have it created and shipped out within 2 working days.


Be aware that we will not take any steps forward in the custom process until we have confirmation and replies from you to say so; this is because we understand that everyone changes their mind!


So don’t be shy, we welcome custom designs to freshen up our orders! If you like we can even add certain designs to our store and show them off on all our social media accounts. Be sure to send us a picture once you get your custom wall sticker up and on display, we would love to see them in their new home.