Wall Stickers Are The Next Big Thing In Decorative Wall Art



 Why Should You Buy Wall Stickers?

Wall Stickers are a fantastic way to change the look and feel of a room without too much manual work and will save you the hassle of hanging wallpaper and spending a fortune! An average wall sticker will set you back around £10-£20 and is a small price to pay for the big benefits!


People love Decorative Wall Art as it provides the ability to transform any room such as your kitchen into a funky and fun place or could be used to make your child’s room into a world of fantasy they adore. I have frequently seen Wall Art used to lighten up veterinary surgeries, garages and customer waiting areas and it looks absolutely fantastic.


They offer endless versatility, you can decorate with small stickers to create something completely unique and personal, you can use a large sticker to spruce up above the fireplace for example, however you don’t have to stick to decorating your walls, with the right surface wall stickers can be applied to glass, cars, tables and anything else that’s suitable!


Here at Icon Wall Stickers we have around 6,000 different designs to choose from ranging from Love Hearts to your favourite Animals. Each sticker is available in a range of colours and sizes offering a ton of choices. We can also make any custom sticker you require, just get in touch!



When Should I Use Wall Stickers?

One of the best things about wall stickers is they are made of high-quality vinyl that will last for years and can easily be removed and replaced if your tastes change or your kids move onto there next favourite super hero! They are perfect for redecorating kids bedrooms, especially when a new hobby comes around, or in September when they go back to school. 

They are brilliant for when you want to fill empty space or if you move house or when renting. The possibilities of when, where and why to use wall stickers are endless for this versatile product!



What Can I Put A Wall Sticker On?

The typical surface for a wall sticker is a clean flat wall, but why stop there? Icon Wall Stickers has many customers who buy wall stickers for craft projects, DIY, up-cycling and making images out of. You can apply your sticker to wood, metal, laminate - basically anything flat and smooth. 



How Do You Apply Wall Stickers?

Wall Stickers are super easy to apply. Simply lay your sticker on the surface, tape down, remove the backing layer, apply and you are good to go. All you need to do now is smooth out any bubbles as you go. A short while later you have a fantastic wall sticker or two that will transform your room. For a more in depth step-by-step guide on how to install Wall Stickers check out our tutorial on How To Apply Wall Stickers.                                                                  



Where Do You Put Wall Stickers?

Adding quotes and phrases to your walls is extremely simple to do and is one of the most popular interior design trends at the moment. These are a brilliant idea to fill in a blank space and express your personality and creativity.  


There are so many uses for wall stickers, something I will go into more detail about in the future but for now I thought I would share with you my top 3 uses for wall stickers that I use at home.


  1. Bedrooms – In my eyes the best use for wall stickers has to be within a bedroom. Simply add a quote or an image that’s personal to you and express your personality or interests.
  2. Kitchen – Hate cooking? Not anymore! Sprucing your kitchen up with some creative art or a funny quote can make the kitchen a much more enjoyable place to be.
  3. Coat Hanger Silhouette – I personally love this one and think it looks brilliant. Use a wall sticker as a silhouette for your coat hanger, a great novelty idea!

the Green Man Pub


Who Uses Wall Stickers?

Wall stickers are great for new families, parents, TV shows and so much more! Wall Art is a popular idea to liven up a rental home. If you are a landlord and want a cheap way to spice up some of your rooms Wall Stickers are a perfect choice and will save you the hassle and expense of getting the decorators in!

I have noticed wall stickers becoming more and more popular and are being used in some of today’s top home design shows such as:


Our stickers have been used by Channel 5 in their TV Show “The Hotel Inspector" to modernise the “The Green Man Pub and Hotel” with great results! These wall stickers are available in any size and colour to match the empty space and colour scheme of any room.










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