How To Shabby Chic With Store Bought Furniture


As Shabby Chic is becoming more and more popular within the interior design world, I bet you’re wondering how you can fit this style into your home.


Although there is nothing wrong with charity shop finds or handed down furniture, some people just don’t like to use things that other people have used before them, and that’s totally fine. There is no shame in preferring to buy your own items especially if you just don’t have the time to sit and paint your purchases. If you are someone who prefers that smell of freshly unboxed furniture and have the budget to buy new items when redecorating, don’t worry, you can recreate that vintage Shabby Chic feel in your room too!


For those of you who simply don’t have enough time to spend painting and upcycling furniture, high street shops are now beginning to manufacture Shabby Chic styled décor which would mean you could miss out the crafting steps and go straight to filling you room with cute, pastel items in no time with very little effort!


If you are wondering exactly where you can get this look from, one of my personal favourites for Shabby Chic are Laura Ashley as they offer beautiful ranges of wooden furniture painted dove grey and coming in a range of collections with matching side tables, drawers, beds and even vanity dressers. I know that your typical Shabby chic furniture is mismatched, but it really can be flexible and bend to your own preferences. The classic made wood, textures and fabrics available really are all you need to decorate one room. You could always change the modern handles on the furniture and choose more detailed ones with drop handles to give your modern furniture, that vintage feel.



If you wanted a truly vintage look but with your own style, you could always create your own handles with bespoke design services from independent companies like SB Ironmongery, that way you can not only make sure you get a vintage design but yours will be one of a kind! This is also a good idea if you are buying your furniture from a store as they may have strange handle fittings on their own furniture to avoid you from shopping elsewhere for them.


Of course there are many other shops which offer great accessories and furniture like The Range – a great shop as you can grab your Shabby Chic interiors and DIY (if needed) all in one store at great, affordable prices.


I really hope you enjoyed this post and if you have already decorated your room in a Shabby Chic style using your shop bought products rather than upcycling, please let me know and send in some images. I would love to see your ideas and if you like, you could be featured on the next Shabby Chic blog post! While you are here check out the related product below that could compliment your furniture beautifully.



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