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Hi! Thank you for joining us at Icon Wall Stickers


Usually it takes more time to find an article or blog then it does to actually read the information you have been searching for. Then, when you’re actually on the post there are pop ups and ads trying to get you to buy products that have little or nothing to do with what you are actually trying to read. Not to mention the posts are littered with false facts and meaningless text.


This is one of the main reasons why I have decided to set up this blog in partnership with Icon Wall Stickers to give you the best possible answers to the questions you have always been asking – How to decorate your new-born’s nursery, where to find unique interior items to make your home stand out and so on.


My name is Beth and after working in the interior design industry for many years I have been granted the opportunity to start up this blog with select writers you are sure to get to know over time and share with you our fresh knowledge on design. As I have been designing the interior of houses for almost a decade now, I have the experience to help maximise your room’s space down to the smallest detail. An experience that is lacking in the online blog community.


Having worked with Icon Wall Stickers for a number of years, I decided that creating this blog in partnership will not only help their previous customers decide on which of their items to purchase next, but will also be a real help to anyone who is just looking for interior advice or a great design article to read, such as; decorating a rented property or optimizing a small space.


Unlike the typical design blogs you can expect knowledgeable posts with real information, offers, and exclusive discount codes especially designed for the readers of this blog and even the opportunity for free gifts for people on the mailing list. If you were to sign up to the blogs mailing list, in the future you may just receive a little something extra for free! Overall I aim for this blog to be a young and fresh approach to interior design by an established designer - helping those who find themselves in a similar position to me. I always think, if you have the knowledge – why not share it?

Being super creative and resourceful, I make all my own images and infographics and would be happy to make one for you too if you want! Just get in touch! I am also up for guest posting – anything to spread the love in the community.


By contributing my articles and posts to the interior design community I hope that this blog helps you achieve your design goals and gives you amazing interior tips – I would really love to hear your stories and see all the pictures of your designs too! I am also giving you amazing opportunities to grab yourself discount codes and exclusive gifts!


Thank you for all of your support given so far and the time taken to read my blogs first ever post! I really do look forward to replying to your questions and giving you real, honest posts.